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Speaker Enquiry

We invite you to be part of the AYiM 2017 event. To submit a proposal, review the information and send an email why you want to be one of the speakers for AYiM 2017.

Proposal Guidelines:

1. Proposals featuring original content, research or rarely-seen yet highly regarded speakers will receive very favorable consideration.

2. Proposals explaining the underlying technologies used in collaboration with a current African mining project will be considered. AYiM makes available case-study sessions on a space-available basis.

3. For the 2017 consideration, proposals must be submitted by 1 April 2017.

4. Proposals are reviewed based on relevant topic and target audience.

5. AYiM reserves the right to include additional speakers, edit titles and descriptions, and replace moderators as deemed necessary for the overall success of the session and accepted proposal. All such improvements will be reviewed with each submitter.

6. Only those submissions that have been accepted will be notified via email to the address included on the form.

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